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Course Goal 


  • Characterization


  • Understanding the medium of film and television


  • An actor and his body, observation and imagination


  • Script analysis, characterization and its research, body language skills and direction training


  • Improvisation and the actor Understanding the technicalities of short division, angles and magnification


  • Understanding camera and lighting Movement in a scene


  • Interacting and reacting to co-actors Preparation for and Enactment of scents


  • Dubbing


  • Basics of action


  • Live studio visits for observation of professional actor performing their crafts Demo film


  • Participation in real shoot to get the feel and hang for subject

IMG_4911 A.JPG.jpg

The last week of the course will be devoted to practical training of facing the camera leading to a professional show reel of their work for the Film Industry. This is an excellent opportunity for students to express their talent in front of industry experts from Bollywood and other regional film makers of Indian film industry.

Join To Bollywood is today one of the better known acting schools in India where freshers and aspiring actors get trained under experts.


Join To Bollywood provides an extensive selection of educational workshops, seminars, and training for both the adult young performer. Instruction for motion pictures, television, radio, theater, commercials, industrials, print, and variety entertainment.


Join To Bollywood Focuses on the individual; preparing each to perform at their peak, with confidence. We show you how, and where, to find professional work, and how to avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes along the way... Providing a well-trained, professionally oriented talent pool to casting professionals, producers, and studios. The Institute provides Actors and technicians with the best possible skills, and information; and productions with reliable, well trained, well informed talent.


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