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Join To Bollywood is a premier visual and performing arts school, offering accredited degrees and non-degree programs in numerous areas of study We aim at presenting you the victory, by giving incredible acting skills from our best acting trainers. We have a comprehensive program that heavily incorporates on-camera learning. Our students perform in a series of films as part of their program. They also have the opportunity to act in films made by student filmmakers. This gives the actor a real-world experience, which prepares them for being on a professional set.

Join To Bollywood is today one of the better known acting schools in India where freshers and aspiring actors get trained under experts.


Join To Bollywood provides an extensive selection of educational workshops, seminars, and training for both the adult young performer. Instruction for motion pictures, television, radio, theater, commercials, industrials, print, and variety entertainment.


Join To Bollywood focuses on the individual; preparing each to perform at their peak, with confidence. We show you how, and where, to find professional work, and how to avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes along the way... Providing a well-trained, professionally oriented talent pool to casting professionals, producers, and studios. The Institute provides Actors and technicians with the best possible skills, and information; and productions with reliable, well trained, well informedtalent.


This is not a course for passive participants. Students must take an active role in every aspect of the workshop. Students write, direct, shoot, and edit their own short films, create their own video games, or design their own animated characters in the Academy’s hands-on workshops. Students in the workshops develop skills that apply to all their future pursuits. The organizational, leadership, writing, and critical thinking skills learned through producing complex productions will be of enormous value to students at the Academy and in all their future endeavors.


It is the Academy’s belief that the most significant art form of its time is the moving image. Through the medium of film, individuals, communities, and nations express their most profound visions of humanity to the world. The ever-growing and evolving mediums of animation and video games are creating new platforms for creative professionals to express themselves and the Academy’s programs have grown to reflect these advancements in the visual arts.

Intensity is a hallmark of the Academy's workshops, which range from screenwriting to documentary filmmaking to producing for film and television. Students who partake in these workshops eat, drink and breathe filmmaking, acting, or photography from day one. Their classes emphasize hands-on learning and inspire creativity. They also provide hard facts students need to begin the process of developing creative, thought provoking, and entertaining work.

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