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  • A Sound Designer Creates Sound For Films, Documentaries And Advertisements Or Work For The Broadcast Industry. The Possibilities Are Endless…! You Could Be A Singer, Composer, Music Arranger, Live Performer Or An Electronic Musician. You Can Learn Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Tabla, Congas, Bongo And Drums From Dedicated And Experienced Faculties. You Can Be The Next Bollywood Music Producer Or You Could Record Your Own Band, You Could Also Work With Live Sound At Music Programs Or Join A Tv Channel To Create Sound For Ads, Jingles, Spots & Promos. There Are A Number Of Opportunities In The Sound And Music Field Once You Learn To Use The Various Tools Available To Musicians And Producers. If You Have An Interest In Music Or Sound, Do Not Hesitate...Just Go For Electronic Music Production.

  • Full Time Diploma Course Includes Sound Design & Music Production On Digital Audio Workstation. Sound Recording, Sound Designing, Audio Engineering,Studio Design, Digital Music Production, Music Arranging, Music Composing, Live Dubbing, Foley Sfx, Sequencing, Programming, 5.1/ 7.1 Mixing, Mastering, Making Tracks, Playback Singing And Playing Midi Instruments On Softwares Such As Protools, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Cubase, Ableton, Fruity Loops, Reason, Sonar Etc.



  • Course Syllabus

  • Sound & Hearing

  • Understanding Of Music

  • Digital Music

  • Live Instruments

  • Setting Up Your Own Recording Studio

  • Audio Equipment Choice

  • Computer Audio & Multimedia

  • Digital Audio Workstation

  • Audio & Midi Interfaces

  • Amplifiers & Speakers

  • The Audio Recording Chain

  • Signal Path

  • Audio Processing

  • Third Party Plug-In (E.G. Fx & Virtual Instruments)

  • Simple Usb Virtual Setup

  • Where Should I Setup My Studio At Home?

  • Audio Leakage &Soundproofing?

  • Composing And Sequencing

  • The Modern Method Of Composition

  • Tempo, Click Tracks & The Transport Panel

  • Sampling & Sequencing

  • The Click Track

  • The Transport Bar

  • Understanding Different Instruments

  • Multi Tracking, Looping And Multi Layering

  • General Composition & Production Tips

  • Virtual Instruments And How To Use Them

  • Signal Chain, Levels And The Soundcard

  • Recording Levels

  • The Soundcard

  • Understanding Fx & Dynamics

  • Equalizers & Filters

  • Compression &Threshold Ratio

  • Noise Gate

  • Reverb & Digital Delay

  • Mixing With A Virtual Mixer

  • Room Acoustics & Speakers

  • The Channel Strip

  • Advanced Music Production

  • Digital Music Production

  • Exposure To Recording Softwares    

  • 100% Placement Assistance And Internship Option Available.

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