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Join To Bollywood Digital Photography Course

This course is envisaged to take the hobbyist to the next level. How to work on a DSLR? How to click products, people, landscapes, etc the professional way? How to work in natural lights vis-à-vis artificial lights? is all part of the program delivered here at J2B.


The Join To Bollywood Digital Photography Course is conducted by instructors who are also professionals in their respective fields. They are respected veterans of the industry and they give each student the personal focus necessary for launching his career.

Opportunities After successfully completing the course, students can start their careers as photographers with various studios or start their own entrepreneur setup.

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Join To Bollywood Digital Sound Course Curriculum:


  • The training focuses on:

  • Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure, Focus

  • Depth of Field

  • Diffraction, Wave lengths of light

  • Pixels, CCD and CMOS image sensors

  • Table Top Photography

    • Lighting equipment

    • Different Subjects and Techniques

    • Composition and Styling Techniques

  • Zoom, White Balance, Annotation, Compression.

  • Digital Retouching

  • Composition, Shape, Line, Form

  • Texture, Color, Perspective, Depth

  • Law of Thirds

  • How to work with artificial lighting

  • Avoid looming shadows.

  • Work with Mixed Natural and Artificial light

  • Fine details of flash and studio shooting

  • How to use diffused lighting

  • Working with multiple lights

  • Fashion Photography

    • Developing a Fashion Photographer Style

    • Styling

    • Posing Techniques, Portrait styles, Portrait Composition

    • Understanding Make-up & Hair styling

    • Techniques in Fashion Photography

    • Styling

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