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Top 5 Best Acting School In Mumbai

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

For aspiring actors interested in joining the stylish acting academy in Mumbai, we've reviewed the top 10 acting schools in Mumbai in this composition.

This composition will give you all the details you need to know about acting seminaries in Mumbai analogous as faculty, work guarantee, timings, eligibility etc.

First we will begin acting classes in Mumbai.

Famous acting schools in Mumbai charge further than 10 Lakh Rupees for the course. Still, the quality of the course will also be veritably good in these institutes.

You can also fluently find acting seminaries in Mumbai with low fees. Then the fees will be roughly Rs.10000 – Rs.90000 Some of these institutes also give acting openings to scholars.

ICE Acting School – Balaji Acting school

ICE (Institute of creative excellence) is also known as Alt Balaji acting academy or acting academy in Mumbai by Ekta Kapoor. ICE Acting institute is a favored mate of Balaji Telefilms.

The courses in ICE Acting course are as given below.

  • School of acting – One of the best acting classes in Mumbai

  • Academy of film making – Direction and cinematography course

  • Youthful stars in timber – Amusement academy for kiddies

The institute is headed by prominent film and TV personalities Mr.Jitendra Kapoor and Ms.Ekta Kapoor.

The features of this course are given below.

  • Lifelong placement support – This is one of the many seminaries where you can anticipate to get an occasion to act later on course completion.

  • Large partner network – They have a large partner network of over 200 production houses, casting directors and media companies.

  • Blended approach Literacy – The acting course consists of educator led training as well as online literacy.

  • Access to live sets – Scholars gain access to live sets where they can learn from professionals.

Blended approach Literacy – The acting course consists of educator led training as well as online literacy.

Access to live sets – Scholars gain access to live sets where they can learn from professionals.

Total fees of ice institute

Balaji acting academy fees in Mumbai is roughly Rs 2 Lakhs for a course. This is only an approximate quantum and subject to change.

Still, you'll need to get in touch with them, If you want to know the exact figure structure of ICE institute.

Anupam Kher Acting School Mumbai

Anupam Kher’s Acting academy in Mumbai is also known as Actor Prepares – The academy for actors. Anupam Kher is a well given personality in the field of acting. Actor Prepares offers a full time parchment in acting course in Mumbai. The duration of the course is 3 months.

The following acting courses are conducted by Actor Prepares Academy.

  • Parchment in acting

  • Film and theater acting course

  • Senior’s theaterSchool In India programme

  • Kiddies and teens factory

  • Particular acting factory

Some of these courses are conducted in house while other courses are conducted online.

Anupam Kher Acting School fees

The fees for the 3 month acting course in Anupam Kher acting academy is Rs. 2.5 lakh, Installation is also available.

There are numerous other courses available then piecemeal from the 3 month Diploma in acting. The freights for these instrument courses range from Rs to Rs.

Anupam Kher’s acting academy doesn't give any scholarship still, you can get in touch with them for special offers and abatements.

J2B Academy

The J2B Academy was founded by film maker | director prince pandey in Mumbai and is one of the best theatre classes in Mumbai.

The main course provided at this school is the foundation course in acting and theater making as well as a postgraduate course in acting.

Their courses are affordable too.

It is a six months full time learning course in which the following topics are covered.

  • Yoga

  • Fitness

  • Performance classes

  • Dance

  • Writing theatre

  • Context for theatre

Some of these lectures are conducted in house while other lectures are conducted online.

The faculty of drama school Mumbai consists of leading actors, directors, celebrities etc.

J2B Academy Acting School Fees

The fees for the 3 month acting course in J2B Academy acting school is Rs 50,000. Installation facility is also available.

There are many other courses available here apart from the 3 month Diploma in acting. The fees for these certificate courses range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 75,000 depending on the course.

J2B Academy acting school may provide scholarships however, you can get in touch with them for special offers, scholarships and discounts.

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Barry John Acting School Mumbai

Barry John acting studio conducts acting classes in both Mumbai as well as Delhi. With over 20 years experience, it's one of the stylish amusement seminars in Mumbai.

Barry John Acting Studio conducts the following courses in Mumbai.

  • Diploma in film acting

  • Certificate in acting

  • Film making

There is not much information available about the placement process of Barry John Acting Studio.

Barry John Studio Fees

The fees for the acting course in Barry John studio is approximately Rs 2,75,000. You can get in touch with them for the detailed fee structure.

The detailed fees structure of Barry John studio is as follows.

Diploma in Film Acting

Roshan Taneja school of acting

Roshan Taneja school of acting gives a 4 months diploma course in acting in Mumbai.

Founded by Professor roshan taneja, veteran Indian Guru of Acting has been teaching acting in India since 1963

The 4 month course is a step training which consists of the below mentioned topics.

  • Monolog

  • Improvisation

  • Imagination

  • Action Problem

Roshan Taneja school fees

The fees for Roshan Taneja acting school is above Rs 1 Lakh. The correct fee is not available online. For getting their fee structure you have to visit their office.

The fee structure is different for the diploma course and the short term crash courses.

These are some top 5 acting schools in Mumbai

Hope you like it!

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